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NIBR to hold the 19th Korea ABS Forum

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▷ National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) holds the 19th Korea ABS Forum to raise understanding on the Nagoya Protocol and seek countermeasures.

▷ The forum will take stock of the status of using overseas genetic resources in the bioindustry and share strategies to respond to the Nagoya Protocol.

National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) under the Ministry of Environment holds the 19th Korea ABS (Access to genetic resources and Benefit Sharing) Forum on May 26 at the Conference Hall, Textile Center in Seoul. The theme of this year's forum is the "Utilization of Overseas Genetic Resources by Industry and Response to the Nagoya Protocol."

The ABS Forum will examine rapidly changing circumstances at home and abroad regarding the Nagoya Protocol and seek specific response by industry.

The participants will share the status of implementing the Nagoya Protocol in major regions and countries such as the EU, Japan, China and India, and introduce preparations by the domestic industry.

And, representatives from business will give presentations on the status of using genetic resources in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agricultural industries and their responses. In panel discussion, participants will discuss companies' responses to the Nagoya Protocol and their request to the government.

As the Act on Access to and Utilization of Genetic Resource and Benefit-sharing was enacted and promulgated on January 17 this year, NIBR deems that domestic companies need to make swift preparations.

According to NIBR's study on 136 companies in the bioindustry, 54.4% of respondents answered that 'we have no plan' for responding to the Nagoya Protocol.

And, the "Management Ordinance on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing" released by China on March 23 has provisions advantageous to China including obligation to open source for patent application.

Against this backdrop, NIBR has been sharing latest trends in key genetic resources importing countries such as China and India, publishing News Letter and conducting Outreach ABS Consulting Service.

"The forum will serve as an opportunity to share the trends of utilizing genetic resources by industry and foster private-public cooperation to respond to the Nagoya Protocol," said Baek Woonsuk, president of NIBR.

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