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ECOREA Special Edition

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The Minister's Message

01 Green Growth Action Plans

02 Overview of Korea

03 Institutional Mechanisms for Environmental Policies

3-1. Administrative Organizations

3-2. Environmental Acts Structure

3-3. Budget & Finance

04 Action Plans for 2010

4-1. Current Status of Environmental Policy in 2010

4-2. Core Tasks Concerning Environmental Policies in 2010

4-3. Achievements in 2009

05 Best Environmental Policies

5-1. Four Major Rivers Restoration Project: Environmentally Friendly Approaches

5-2. Comprehensive Countermeasures for Asbestos Management

5-3. Conversion to Mandatory Total Maximum Daily Load Management System for the Han River Watershed

5-4. Report on Waste Import or Export

06 Major Events

6-1. The 3rd WHO International Conference on Children's Health and the Environment

6-2. 2009 UNEP TUNZA International Children and Youth Conference on the Environment

07 Appendix

Organization Chart


2010 Budget

Contact Information and Websites of Subsidiary/Affiliated Organizations

Head Office and Roles

Environmental Quality Standards



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