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Green Korea 2004

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Minister’s Message

Special Section

 - The 8th UNEP GCSS & 5th GMEF
 - The Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment & Development in Asia and the Pacific, 2005
The Environment of the Korean Peninsula
Overview of MOE Policies & Efforts

 - Nature Conservation
 - Air Quality Management
 - Water Quality Management
 - Water Supply & Sewerage Management
 - Waste Management & Recycling

 - Cross-Cutting Environmental Policies
 - International Cooperation
 - Nat’l Environmental Dispute Resolution Commission

Featured MOE Policies & Efforts
- Promotion of Environmental Technology and Industry
- Public Health Protection and Management of Chemical Substances
- Systematic Conservation for an Eco-Network Indoor Air Quality Management
- Special Measures for Metropolitan Air Quality Improvement
- Comprehensive Measures for Non-Point Source Pollution Management
- Improvement of Water Supply Systems in Rural Areas and Islands
- Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) System
- Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting among Japan, Korea & China (TEMM)
- Knowledge Partnership Project

  - MOE Headquarters Functions
  - Regional Offices & Subsidiary/Affiliated Orgs and Relevant Central Governmental Bodies
  - 2004 MOE Budget and MOE Personnel
  - MOE Environmental Laws
  - MOE Organizational Chart


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