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Environmental Statistics Yearbook 2013

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1. The 『2013 Environmental Statistics Yearbook』, in principle, includes statistics surveyed as of the end of December 2012, and if not, a survey base period is mentioned.

2. Each table mentions statistics for recent 10 years or more for time-series analysis, and unless the numerical values of the statistical yearbook for the year and those for the previous year are identical, the former has been corrected for the year.

3. Regarding all numerical values, each item and sum are rounded off, therefore sum and total of some items may not be matched.

4. "-" indicates 0(zero) or no data.
5. The 『2013 Environmental Statistics Yearbook』 is published into two volumes: the first volume consists of Part1(General Summary)~Part3(Environmental Pressures Resulting from Economic Activities) and the second volume is composed of Part4(Environmental Management)~Part5(International Environmental Statistics) and Appendix.

6. This statistics yearbook is also available on our『Environmental Statistics Portal (』 as soon as it is published.

7. The sources are clarified per statistical data, and if you need further information, contact the compiling department as indicated under the statistics table.

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