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Environment Ministers from Korea, China and Japan to discuss key environmental issues in Suwon

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▷ The 19th Tripartite Environment Ministers' Meeting among Korea, China and Japan took place on August 24-25 in Suwon, Korea. The three ministers will adopt and deliver a joint declaration that embodies three countries' commitment to foster cooperation on the 25th.

▷ Environment Minister Kim Eunkyung held bilateral meetings with her Chinese and Japanese counterparts respectively and discussed ways to foster environmental cooperation in many areas of the environment including countermeasures to air pollution.

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Kim Eunkyung) announced that the 19th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting among Korea, China and Japan (TEMM 19) was held on August 24-25 at Ramada Plaza Hotel in Suwon with an aim to discuss key environmental issues and ways to foster cooperation among the three countries.

TEMM 19 was attended by Korean Environment Minister Kim Eunkyung, Chinese Environmental Protection Minister Li Ganjie and Japanese Environment Minister Nakagawa Masaharu. The meeting kicked off with bilateral meetings between countries on the 24th and the main session was held on the 25th, with the signing of joint declaration and press conference followed.

Since its launch led by Korea in 1999, TEMM has been held annually in rotation among the three parties, serving as the paramount environmental cooperation mechanisms in Northeast Asia. At the meeting, the three ministers introduced key environmental policies of their countries and sought ways to further cooperation on responses to regional and global environmental challenges.

Minister Kim shared Korea's various environmental policies aimed at addressing environmental challenges at home and abroad including fine dust countermeasure plan, enhancement of public safety, establishment of sustainable land environment and implementation mechanism for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Climate Regime.

On August 25, the three ministers adopted a Joint Declaration, which is a testimony of three countries' strong will to reinforce cooperation in many areas of the environment including fine dust, climate change and biodiversity.

A day ahead of the plenary session, Minister Kim separately met with Chinese and Japanese ministers at bilateral meetings. At the Korea-China bilateral meeting, ministers discussed the 5-year (2018-2022) Korea-China Environmental Cooperation Plan on Various Environmental Areas including cooperation on fine dust countermeasure policy, research and technology, natural environmental, water and soil as well as exchanged thoughts on the environmental industry and technology of the two countries.

At the Korea-Japan bilateral meeting, ministers discussed joint research on PM2.5 and shared their stances on responses to climate change, which became ever more important with the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

The meeting is the first TEMM meeting since the new administration was sworn in, and served as an opportunity to promote Korea's 5-year environmental policies to China and Japan as well as pursue mutual cooperation.

Minister Kim Eunkyung commented "TEMM19 would be a new starting point to share our commitments to resolve environmental challenges in the region and take joint responses in the future."

In the meantime, the Tripartite Roundtable on Environmental Business was held on August 23-24, at Ibis Hotel, Suwon and the TEMM Youth Forum was held on August 24 at Value High-end Hotel. And, the TEMM Environment Awards Ceremony took place on the 25th after the ministerial meeting at Ramada Plaza Hotel.

The theme of the Youth Forum, which was attended by 15 students from the three countries, was "Bio-Cultural Diversity and Youth Participation," while the environmental business roundtable, joined by 30 participants from the three countries, was held under the theme of "Social Role of the Environmental Industry to Share the Fruits of Green Economy."

The TEMM Environment Awards is presented to those who made outstanding contribution to regional environmental contribution. From Korea, Director Lee Seong Bong of Upo Wetland Management Office was awarded for his contribution to protecting sacred ibis in Korea, China and Japan.  

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