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International workshop on wildlife-borne diseases to take place

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▷ Korea, Japan and the United States will share information and management measures on new and mutant wildlife-borne diseases.

▷ The international workshop will serve as an opportunity to foster international cooperation on responses to zoonoses.

National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) under the Ministry of Environment will hold the "International Workshop on Global Responses to New and Mutant Wildlife-borne Diseases" on July 17-19 at GLAD Hotel Yeouido, Seoul.

The international workshop is aimed at sharing the results of research on wildlife-borne zoonoses in the United States and Japan and establishing an effective mechanism for cooperation. About 100 participants including six American experts and one Japanese expert as well as 90 Korean experts will attend the workshop.

In particular, participants will share the result of research on zoonoses including the status of highly pathogenic avian influenza and management measures of each country as well as discuss intergovernmental cooperation and collaboration mechanism.

Dr. Jonathan Sleeman, Center Director of National Wildlife Health Center of the United States, will give a presentation on "Fungal Disease of Wild Birds." Dr. Manabu Onuma of National Institute of Environmental Studies from Japan will share the result of research on the "Outbreak of Avian Influenza in Japan from 2008 to 2015."

From Korea, doctors from NIER, Korea University and National Institute of Ecology (NIE) will present the results of research on major zoonoses including highly pathogenic avian influenza, and have in-depth discussion.

Jung Won-hwa, Director of Biological Safety Research Team of NIER, said that "Zoonosis should be addressed with a concept of 'One Health' that people, animals and the environment are all connected." "NIER will continue to build a collaborative network at national and global level to respond to wildlife-borne diseases," he added.  


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