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Receiving Chemical Safety Education in Seven Foreign Languages

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▷ The National Institute of Chemical Safety will provide a chemical safety education video in seven foreign languages.

▷ The video will allow foreign workers to easily learn the safe handling of chemicals and emergency patient treatment.

The National Institute of Chemical Safety (N.I.C.S, President Ryu Yeon-ki), an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Environment, will service 'Chemicals safety education video for foreign workers' in seven foreign languages via the National Institute of Chemical Safety Education System ( from June 28th.

The educational video covers the content of the 'Special Safety Education for Vulnerable Facilities to Hazardous Chemicals', which have been provided by the Ministry of Environment since 2017. Three new languages (Cambodian, Sri Lankan, and Thai) will be added this time, in addition to the pilot service of the video in four foreign languages (English, Indonesian, Nepali and Filipino).

The foreign workers who watched the educational video on the National Institute of Chemical Safety Education System will be recognized by their completion of the mandatory education course stipulated in the 'Chemicals Control Act'.

Among the workers of facilities that handle hazardous chemicals, those who do not directly handle hazardous chemicals need to get a safety education on hazardous chemicals (two hours long) annually under the regulations of the 'Chemicals Control Act'.
※ The workers (persons in charge) who directly handle hazardous chemicals need to receive 16 hours or more of safety education per every two years.

N.I.C.S has offered a Korean version of their training video since July 2015, but recently they increased the number of supporting languages for the foreign workers who were not fluent in Korean.

The safety education video teaches foreign workers the danger of chemicals and ways to protect themselves and escape from chemical incidents.

The training consists of four chapters: ▲Understanding chemicals safety management, ▲Cases of incidents caused by chemical products and chemical substances, ▲Chemical incident response, and ▲The impact of chemicals on the human body and environment.

Some parts of the videos, including wearing personal protective gear and emergency patient treatments, feature demonstrations of foreign workers that give the watchers a sense of closeness.

Along with the safety training videos for foreign workers, the institute added English translations to the 'Join Membership' and 'Apply Education' pages in the online training system.

The institute will add four more languages (Burmese, Uzbek, Vietnamese, and Bengali) in 2020.

"It is very meaningful to provide the chemicals safety education video in seven languages for the 7,300 known foreign workers in the Korean chemical industry," stated Director Hwang Seung-yul, Accident Coordination & Training Division of N.I.C.S. "We expect that the videos will contribute to the prevention of chemical incidents by expanding the chances to receive safety education for foreign workers."

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