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National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Roadmap 2020

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National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Roadmap 2020


The Ministry of Environment (MOE), a supervisory body of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, unveiled National GHG Emissions Reduction Roadmap 2020 that includes national emissions reduction target and action plans for each sector after reporting the roadmap at the Cabinet meeting through collection of public opinions and deliberation of Presidential Committee on Green Growth.


The new roadmap maintains the same Business As Usual (BAU) and reduction target declared by the government on July 12, 2011 and reduction strategies and measures by 7 sectors such as industry, building and transportation.


By sectors, transportation will cut emissions by 34.3%, building 26.9%, power generation 26.7%, public sector 25.0%, industry 18.5%, waste 12.3% and agriculture and fishery 5.2%, which is equivalent to 233 million tons of GHG reduction in a national level.

The Rate & Amount of Reduction by Sectors
< The Rate & Amount of Reduction by Sectors >

MOE laid out following strategies for effective and efficient CO2 reduction; 1) operate market-oriented reduction scheme; 2) develop scientific technologies; 3) create jobs and new market through GHG reduction; and 4) carry out reduction campaigns in daily life.


By operating the Emissions Trading Scheme and managing energy demand, the ministry will minimize emissions reduction cost and alleviate the industry’s burden by maintaining free allocation of emissions permit to emissions-sensitive businesses.


To enhance Korea’s scientific and technological capacity to cope with climate change, MOE set up a R&D Roadmap in Response to Climate Change, continuing to carry out R&D policies.


Also, the ministry will come up with measures with relevant ministries to beef up SME’s reduction capabilities by providing education and consulting, offering tax deduction for developing GHG reduction technologies.


MOE will create new jobs such as emissions inspector, GHG control engineer and emissions permit trader and conduct campaigns including ‘Cool-Mapsi & On-Mapsi (cool clothing in summer and warm clothing in winter) Campaigns’ and ‘Eco-friendly Transportation Campaign’ together with the public in daily life.


In addition, MOE presented detailed reduction targets by year for 7 sectors including industry, building and transportation, and specific action plans such as replacing fuel with eco-friendly one and establishing smart transportation system.

Reduction Target and Implementation Measures by 7 sectors
<Reduction Target and Implementation Measures by 7 sectors >

To secure effectiveness of reduction policies, each ministry in charge will develop detailed reduction measures per sector and an umbrella body (Office for Government Policy Coordination) that coordinates relevant ministries will take periodic assessment on GHG reduction performance. 


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