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Environment Ministers of Korea, China, and Japan to Discuss Environmental Issues in Northeast Asia

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▷ The 21st Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting will be held in Kitakyushu, Japan for two days starting from November 23rd.

▷ Future cooperation plans for overall environmental issues will be discussed, including fortification of fine dust and other air pollutant responses.

The Ministry of Environment (Minister CHO Myung-rae) announced that the 21st Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting among Korea, China, and Japan (TEMM21) will be held at RIHGA Royal Hotel in Kitakyushu, Japan from November 23rd to the 24th to discuss environmental issues in Northeast Asia, including fine dust.

This year's meeting will be joined by Minister CHO Myung-rae from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, Minister LI Ganjie of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China, Minister KOIZUMI Shinjiro of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, and other delegates from the governments of the three countries. 

Bilateral meetings between the Ministers will be held on November 23rd, and the main tripartite meeting and a press conference will follow on the 24th.

The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting was founded in 1999 due to the suggestion of Korea, and the three countries have been taking turns holding it annually. The meeting is a ministerial-level consultative body to jointly respond to the overall environmental issues in Northeast Asia, including fine dust.

This year, the three Ministers themselves will introduce the key environmental policies of their countries and discuss paths toward cooperation in tackling the environmental issues of Northeast Asia.

Minister CHO will introduce Korea's efforts to resolve domestic and international environmental issues, including fine dust reduction, climate change response and adaptation, and realization of the circular economy. Also, he will request the cooperation of Japan and China for the 2nd Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 (P4G) Summit to be held in Seoul in June 2020.

Finally, the Environment Minister will emphasize that fine dust is the top priority among environmental concerns to be solved by the three countries, and he called for continuous effort in maintaining and strengthening joint response systems against it.

On November 24th, the ministers will adopt the Joint Communique, consisting of the previous cooperation results from each sector, including fine dust and biodiversity, as well as the Tripartite Joint Action Plan (TJAP) priority cooperation areas for the period from 2020 to 2024.

The Joint Communique will review the previous efforts for joint projects to resolve environmental issues, including fine dust, and introduce the principles in selecting the next TJAP priority cooperation areas and the results of the selection. 

Prior to the main meeting, Minister CHO will have bilateral meetings with the Environment Ministers of Japan and China on November 23rd to discuss ways to reinforce bilateral environmental cooperation.

With Minister KOIZUMI, Minister CHO will have an in-depth discussion on common issues between Korea and Japan, including fine dust, climate change response, marine litter, and the cooperation for invasive species management.

With Minister LI, Minister CHO will focus on cooperation for air-related environmental issues, including fine dust, the top priority environmental concern between the two countries, as well as the cooperation for climate change response and adaptation. 

During this year's meeting, three sub-forums (the TEMM Youth Forum, the Tripartite Roundtable on Environmental Business, and the Forum of the Tripartite Joint Research Project on Cities towards Decarbonization and Sustainable Development) will be held, which will be joined by youths, business representatives, and experts from the three countries. 

The TEMM Youth Forum will have a discussion featuring young representatives from the three countries under the theme of 'Imagine, Create, and Action! - Transforming our world to sustainable for everyone'.

The Tripartite Roundtable on Environmental Business will be led by the representatives of various industries under the theme of 'Initiative for realizing a virtuous cycle of environment and growth'.

At the Forum of the Tripartite Joint Research Project on Cities towards Decarbonization and Sustainable Development, the participants will discuss the city plans and targets to promote decarbonization and sustainable development and the development of policy methodologies to achieve them, as well as introduce exemplary cases from each country.

Furthermore, there will be a ceremony to give the 'TEMM Environment Award' to the contributors of environmental cooperation between the three countries. 

From Korea, Dr. Lee Jong-Jae of the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology will receive the honor for his contribution to the publication of the 'Summary Report for Long-range Transboundary Air Pollutants in Northeast Asia (LTP)'.

"Korea, China, and Japan are located close to each other and share environmental conditions. Therefore, we must work closely together in the environment sector," stated Minister CHO. 

"By taking this meeting as an opportunity, we will discuss the current environmental issues between the three countries, such as fine dust, marine litter, and environmental safety, and discover solutions for them."

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