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Illegal Waste Special Investigation Team Launched to Root Out Illegal Waste Neglecting and Exporting

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▷ The Ministry of Environment launched the 'Illegal Waste Special Investigation Team' in order to crackdown on illegal waste dumping, neglecting and exporting.

The Ministry of Environment (MoE, Minister Cho Myung-rae) launched the 'Illegal Waste Special Investigation Team' in order to root out illegal waste disposals, which are taking place nationally (dumping, neglecting, exporting), and will have a signboard hanging ceremony at room 622, 4-dong, Government Complex Gwacheon, staring at 2 pm on June 4th.

The special investigation team consists of dispatched prosecutors from the Ministry of Justice and special judicial police officers from the MoE who investigate environmental crimes. The officers from the National Police Agency or the special judicial police officers of the Korea Customs Service will join forces with the special investigation team whenever necessary.

The office of the special investigation team is located in the Gwacheon Government Complex, where the Digital Forensics Center of MoE began its operations. Accordingly, the experiences of MoE, the special judicial police officers, and the center's digital information analysis capacity will be synergized through the investigations on environmental crime related to illegal waste dumping, which be carried out in a more intelligent manner than past iterations.

Illegal waste dumping occurs when waste disposal contractors go bankrupt and do not finish disposing the waste that they were consigned.

Or, it occurs when waste disposal contractors choose illegal dumping or export through brokers to cut the costs of waste processing via incineration, etc.

The chain of illegal waste dumping includes various parties, from the initial clients who requested the illegal dumping to the contractors; from the brokers and waste processors who benefited by receiving the processing fee for illegal waste dumping without conducting the actual processes to those who conduct the illegal dumping or exporting of the consigned waste.

Early this year, an environmental inspection officer of MoE investigated an illegal contractor who was caught by Wonju Regional Environmental Office and other organizations. The contractor collected, moved and stored 1,196 tons of illegal waste. MoE requested the imprisonment of the contractor to the Incheon District Prosecutor's Office on April 22nd.
※ The contractor was sent to the prosecutor's office on May 1st, and is currently being tried under imprisonment.

"We will use every means necessary, all the manpower we have and our digital forensic analysis technology, to severely punish the people responsible for illegal waste dumping," stated Ma Jae-jung, the Environmental Investigation Officer of MoE. "We will cooperate with other agencies like the National Police Agency and Korea Customs Service to prevent similar crimes by thoroughly rooting out the distribution system behind illegal waste dumping."

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