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1257 Korea, China and Japan to share information on biodiversity webmaster 2018-05-30 161
1256 Internationalization of chemical safety systems to be discussed at a symposium webmaster 2018-05-30 128
1255 Korea to reduce greenhouse gas emission through the reduction of refrigerant leaks webmaster 2018-05-23 189
1254 The Ministry of Environment and the UN to hold a seminar in Germany to support developing countries about the UNFCCC webmaster 2018-05-09 181
1253 (Reference) A working-level negotiation to be held to build detailed implementation plans for the Paris Agreement webmaster 2018-04-29 152
1252 Experts from eight biological resource-rich countries, including Colombia, to gather in Korea webmaster 2018-04-24 162
1251 Korea and China to launch a cooperation project to reduce fine dust with Korean technologies webmaster 2018-04-23 177
1250 Experts from major East Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan and Mongolia) gathered to solve the fine dust problem webmaster 2018-04-17 165
1249 The environment minister to sign an MOU on environmental cooperation with Vietnam and to agree on strengthening cooperation in environmental technology, including sewage treatment webmaster 2018-04-16 174
1248 Korea to hold a UN international conference on climate change adaptation with 80 countries webmaster 2018-04-09 144

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