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1297 Closing the 4th session of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya webmaster 2019-03-16 149,218
1296 (Reference) Joint Response Cooperation with China and Enhancement of Emergency Measure against High Level of Fine Dust webmaster 2019-03-07 97,306
1295 (Reference) The Ministry of Environment, A Rapid Treatment of Illegal Waste with the Local Governments webmaster 2019-02-21 97,213
1294 Enactment of Special Act on Fine Dust in Feb. 15, Enforcement Decree of Cabinet Decision webmaster 2019-01-29 97,329
1293 (Reference) The Asia-Pacific Environment Ministerial Meeting 2020 will be held in Korea webmaster 2019-01-28 91,506
1292 Promotion of countermeasures and expansion of cooperation against fine dust such as Joint Establishment of the early warning system between Korea and China against fine dust. webmaster 2019-01-24 91,550
1291 Establishment of integrated water management system ... pre-announcement of legislation of enactment webmaster 2019-01-23 91,665
1290 Result Announcement of the 3rd Korean National Environmental Health Survey webmaster 2018-12-27 93,184
1289 A milestone for the sustainable future, establishing K-SDGs webmaster 2018-12-24 1,973
1288 (Co-written/Reference) Enforcement of Thermal Power Generation Cap in response to High Concentration of Fine Dust webmaster 2018-12-21 1,799

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