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1274 Disposable Plastic Bags - Suppress Use and Promote Recycling webmaster 2018-08-02 3,227
1273 The revised plan of the national roadmap for greenhouse gas reductions by 2030 and the plan for the national greenhouse gas emission permit allocation from 2018 to 2020 are finalized webmaster 2018-07-24 5,342
1272 Korea demonstrates its effort to promote sustainability to international society webmaster 2018-07-16 5,190
1271 (Reference) The Ministry of Environment signed an MOU with the Singaporean counterpart, reaching agreement to enhance environmental cooperation webmaster 2018-07-12 2,528
1270 The total emission permits allocated set at 1,777,130,000 tons for the next three years webmaster 2018-07-12 2,091
1269 The Ministry of Environment agreed to cooperate in joint advancement into the water markets of Southeast Asia nations and countermeasures against climate change with the Singaporean Ministry for the Environment and Water Resources webmaster 2018-07-10 2,039
1268 Climate experts across the globe gather, marking the 10th anniversary of Korea implementing policies on climate change adaptation webmaster 2018-07-10 2,067
1267 Environmental effects evaluation consultation guideline to minimize environmental damage from solar power generation webmaster 2018-07-10 2,074
1266 The Korea Water Resources Corporation shows the world Korea’s excellent water management capability in Singapore webmaster 2018-07-09 2,060
1265 Asia Pacific region discusses ways to accelerate SDG implementation webmaster 2018-07-04 2,049

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